Dear You, It is with much love and peace that I write this to you. I’m sure I could have waited to tell you this but, I wouldn’t want my words to fail me then. So I’m writing this to you now. Everyday I thank God for you. Yes, you in general but I thankContinue reading “Husband”

Love Letter

Most Gracious Heavenly Father, I come to you with praise and thanksgiving bubbling on the inside of me. Abba I adore you and I am in awe at how deep your love flows for me. You are so strategic and masterful in all your ways. Who could give such beauty and detail in every singleContinue reading “Love Letter”

Be Free

I use to think freedom was solely being able to do the things I wanted to do. Whether good or bad, I felt free to do as I pleased. Well today I realized in totality that real freedom is not necessarily doing what you want to do. Sounds off right? At first it did toContinue reading “Be Free”


I saw a sight to behold, one of many various beautiful colors. It caught my attention and I stared in amazement. Captivating me and holding my eyes hostage. As we gazed into one anothers eyes I slowly became lost in translation. A pull tugging at every fiber of my being. Intrigued yet afraid of theContinue reading “Her”

Truth Is

Today I faced many challenges that I have been running from. I never have got into the hype of that ‘New year, new me’ foolishness. 2020 was not a bad year except I lost a piece of myself and buried it right beside my grandmother. I said that I would be honest because I blogContinue reading “Truth Is”

Do You

I have faced many things in my short time on this earth. I overcame many obstacles standing on my own two feet with God operating in the midst of it all. September 12, 2020 was to date one of the hardest things I faced. I don’t easily cry because I learned that vultures see tearsContinue reading “Do You”

It’s Not Over

What do you do when your heart and mind are waging war against one another. Your spirit exhausted and filled with sorrow. Who do you reach out to when you are barely hanging on by a thread. No music can convey nor speak to what is going on in the inside. Floor soaked in yourContinue reading “It’s Not Over”


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