Ride or Die

“All I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend.” That use to be a line in one of my jams by Beyoncé and Jay Z. Every time I sang this song it took me back to a love I thought would never end. People wanted that Bonnie and Clyde love and […]


A Piece of Me

Pain can become so familiar, that in its absence you feel afraid because disappointment, abandonment, betrayal, being misunderstood have been a constant friend. Tear stained pillows from thinking that the one person you thought loved you would never leave, nor would you have to walk away. You accept the hurt they cause from their accusations, […]


Just Me

Often times the very things we have been waiting for scare us the most. I’m not talking about superficial things, but the very thing that is more precious than many even recognize. Being yourself. I remember in school people would try and belittle me. I was petite, wore glasses, loved to read, and thrived academically. […]