Shannon R.

Hey there! So I figured I would share a little about my self. I am currently 32 years old with 4 wonderful/amazing kids (and yes they really are ). A few things about me…lets see. I love to cook/eat, writing conveys the things i can’t put into words, I love to read, and I blogging is a new thing for me. I have always been a writer but never entertained the notion of sharing the essence of me with the world. However, God has other plans and if if I can spread love and help heal, or heck just show that you are not alone then why not release what I have gone through? I believe with my entire heart that we all need some validation in that we are not alone. I have never been one to just open up and allow anyone very close to me except through my writing. Now here I am blogging and sharing my hopes, dreams, lessons, mistakes and all. At 32 I am finally Free from somethings and yes I’m sure you’ve guessed it but I will go ahead and say it…. I AM SOLD OUT FOR CHRIST. I make many mistakes and there are somethings I get right. I am simply put just like you, human. Don’t be shy reach out, comment, subscribe.