Dear You,

It is with much love and peace that I write this to you. I’m sure I could have waited to tell you this but, I wouldn’t want my words to fail me then. So I’m writing this to you now. Everyday I thank God for you. Yes, you in general but I thank him for every intricate detail of who you are. I love you from from the beginning of you and I know of no end to you because where one would argue it is, it flows as a continuance and extension of me. You are the reflection of me and I can just be simply because you are. Your last name I carry is right next to being as great as the one God originally gave me when He named me. We is what I carry in my spirit and move fluidly all the while in sync with our daddy because we are one. My love, my best friend, my blessing, the vision, my rider, and everything in between. I am so grateful Yah chose you for me. I will never devalue your strength nor the validity of who you are. I promise to run to you and never seek another except that of our Father. I trust you to lead and be submissive to me as I am to you. When you can’t, I will. I cover you with every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. I speak well of you and will continue to until I no longer can. There is no battle I will not fight with you, there is no challenge that we won’t face together, it is us against the problem. Spreading love and allowing the light of Yah to illuminate the darkest of hearts. We are the testimony of what love God has for us and will be the example in the flesh of what a Holy Matrimony as the bride of Christ looks like. I love doing life with you and always will. Seeing the vision God gave when it was just you and then I. The missing piece to the puzzle coming together to be seen as the beautiful work to draw all men back to the artist. I loved you before I even knew you, and I love you still. All that I feel is concrete and won’t ever change. With you there is no expiration, but only until the fulfillment of the journey and even then our love will echo for our children and carry over until infinity. I truly believe….



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