Love Letter

Most Gracious Heavenly Father,

I come to you with praise and thanksgiving bubbling on the inside of me. Abba I adore you and I am in awe at how deep your love flows for me. You are so strategic and masterful in all your ways. Who could give such beauty and detail in every single creation you have made? Father I worship you for you are my knight in shining armor when evil threatens my being, you are my rock that is unmovable, my confidant in whom I can share my secrets with without judgement and condemnation. You allow the sun to shine and it kisses me so sweetly on the cheek. I feel you in the wind, I see your beauty in the trees and nature. You are ever so gentle and sweet, a gentleman when it comes to me. You are pleasing to me in all of your ways like sweet honey on the taste of my lips, my soul longs for you constantly because you are my refuge. You are my safe place. You hide me in your pinions and you give me rest. You are joy unspeakable. You are the resounding voice that steers and guides me. I cherish you for all the times that I have been unlovable but yet you never threw me away with the trash. You care about my well being. You have prepared a way for me, plans of good and not of evil. When I call your name you incline your ear unto me. I can’t see me and there is no you. Even when you chastise me, it is painful but you love me like the parent you are who knows what’s best and wants me to refocus and shift in my ways. Abba I appreciate you speaking to me, encouraging me, removing toxic things and people, growing me up, changing my ways, and never leaving me. I know your promise is true that you will complete the good work you have started in me. I love you Yahuah and I thank you for never leaving nor forsaking me. I trust you with everything concerning me. For when my mother and father forsake me you take me up. I praise you for who and what you are to me. You are amazing and never cease to amaze me. Everything about you is lovely. I love to be in your presence because I seemingly find the essence of who I am because you are. Everywhere I go there you are, my protector. I never need nor lack because you hold true to your word. Nothing in this world can ever satisfy me the way that you do. Thank you and I love you more than anything or anyone in this whole wide world. My love is and will forever be concrete.


Your Daughter, the apple of your eye Shannon

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