The Fact Still Remains

Yesterday morning I laid in my bed and meditated on some scripture I have heard and even read. It was the infamous scripture on what love is and the scripture that tells us to guard our hearts. I kept thinking about my life, my choices, those in my life, what I desired, what I needed, and where I am headed. Those thoughts kept bringing me back to those scriptures. Then what felt like a gut punch a thought emerged forth… truth is based upon ones perception, BUT a fact remains the same and is unchanging. That reminder threatened to take my breath away and Yep you guessed it, I silently cried.

It is the constant breaking down and over analyzing that seemingly trips me up at times. I know what I want, I know what I’ve been promised, and I am learning what I need. The funny thing is when you decide to take off the blinders and stand up and face your fears of obtaining what you know is yours it can be so liberating yet heartbreaking. That often comes with owning that all the true love you have often requires you to love enough to not be selfish. Love is not selfish, it is kind, it is patient, it is everything that people in the world will say it’s not. Love does not hurt, love does not bring confusion, love is pure, it covers all and settles disputes. Love is not one sided, it tells no lies, it protects, it is peace, it is calm yet overwhelmingly powerful. So why was I laying there with tears in my eyes when love is so beautiful? Because sometimes love requires you to remember that you deserve to be loved correctly so you must let go of who or what you love before it damages you.

The Bible tells us to guard our hearts for the issues of life flow from it (I challenge you to look up the scripture). Most people assume it refers to our literal heart because that is what we associate the origin of our emotions to come from. The truth is, it really is referring to the mind. Our decisions, our let downs, our joyous moments, even the things we think repetitively all start with a simple thought. Those thoughts evoke emotions and how we shape our reality. What we think and what we speak. If you don’t know by now what we speak we bring into existence. I know by now your like okay what does this have to do with you this am. Just keep walking with me, I’ll tell you.

All of my life in spite of the choices I’ve made be it good or bad one constant fact that remains is that I am love and I give it selflessly. When I’m in love/ or love you in general , then I’m all the way in. Sacrifice is natural for me, even when it hurts me. Some may say that’s a good thing and others will say it’s not. It’s not good when it causes you to compromise. It becomes the battle of fighting to avoid the heartache of losing what you love and hold dear to your heart versus the comfort of having what you love but silently hurting because what you love is showing you things that contradict what you know love to be.

Truth does not change, it is constant. Nothing can change a truth whatsoever it just truly is what it is. One truth that still remains is that you are worth more than settling for mediocrity. You were created in love and without any mistakes made whatsoever. Love begins with loving yourself. When you love yourself you will be able to love but unwilling to accept things that devalue you. This road gets lonely, and you will hit some bumps in the road. You will have people disguised as all you wanted but it’s all an act, you will meet others who know how to love you and speak to your soul and bring you happiness, and so much more. One truism, one constant that remains is that no matter what may happen in your life you are worth so much more than others may believe, but it doesn’t matter because there was someone who thinks so much of you that he laid his life on the line without hesitation. And my darling that is love and it solidifies that you have a purpose. So chin up ❤️


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