I saw a sight to behold, one of many various beautiful colors. It caught my attention and I stared in amazement. Captivating me and holding my eyes hostage. As we gazed into one anothers eyes I slowly became lost in translation. A pull tugging at every fiber of my being. Intrigued yet afraid of the depths in which i was floating into. Layers upon layers of beauty almost afraid to blink for fear i may miss the gems that filled this beautiful being. A substance of gold oil dripping down and the aroma of a sweet fragrance, maybe cinnamon. I saw the beauty of her core and how it radiated a bright beautiful light. The fire seemingly enveloping the deepest parts of her. I saw the rigid frailty of what appeared to be her heart yet it pulsated with such vigor and power causing vibrations threatening to bring me back to reality. This place I found comfort in, I felt peace, I felt protection, I felt her wisdom and unadulterated truths that made her who she was. She was more than beauty, she was strength dipped in fierceness. Yet she was gentle. A shaking disrupting our encounter, a blanket trying to smolder and hide all that I seen. Yells falling on seemingly deaf ears as the tears began to fill her eyes. It wasn’t that she didn’t love because she was willing to love again, it was the harshness and brutal reality of the fictitious lies she swallowed. Fighting everything closing in on us for her beauty can’t be defiled it was life, it was healing, it was inspiring. Vision getting cloudy, warmth on my face i cried for her and didn’t know if she heard me but I had to somehow save the very best parts of her. Astonishment as I blinked and realized that girl I locked eyes with was me….


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