Practice What You Preach

Often times we have a tendency to scrutinize, offer unsolicited opinions, and judgement based on our perception of how well we handle things in life. We even have the audacity at times to take personal situations and actions of others in various situations because we know who they have the potential to be and a standard we hold them to. Grace goes out the window and we toss mercy into the wind. Our expectations drive us more than we are really aware of. If not careful we wind up with unnecessary hurt and pain caused not just to the people but we ourselves.

There is scripture in Titus that I was reminded of a week ago. That scripture says that a good soldier does not get entangled in civilian affairs. It was like a bullet hit me in my chest. Our focus must be on our assignment and God alone. We are in a spiritual battle and most of us are being taken out by preoccupying ourselves with the cares of this world and situations we aren’t called to become engrossed in. In fact if we are honest we put our hands on these situations and people because it reminds us of something we have experienced or simply because we love and care for those involved. This usually causes us to unknowingly revisit a wound or situation we were supposed to have made it through. The problem is sometimes we don’t realize we aren’t even healed and if not careful we will find ourselves in a mess that we should have never been apart of.

Advice and giving warnings are great if we practice what we are commanding or suggesting someone else do. That old saying do what I tell you to do, and don’t worry about what I do because I’m an adult is what has us jacked up! How inaccurate that statement is. We forget the law, where the head goes the body follows. We follow the leader. Again we should not entangle ourselves in “civilian affairs” . We pray for the individuals and offer what we practice and know to be true but we keep it moving. If you can’t walk it like you talk it then find out what barriers are holding you hostage and go be healed. While being healed be quiet and allow the Holy Spirit to have his perfect work in you. We often cause much damage when we don’t.

This season of my life has taught me this very thing. Some things are better left and should be addressed in prayer alone. Be mindful of watching your walk and what God is commanding you to do regardless of what you feel or see. Be sure you are living what you are advising if not you just may end up with casualties from friendly fire. Know this a righteous man falls 7 times and gets up. So get up and be encouraged there is still work for you to do the battle is still raging. 🤍

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