Do You

I have faced many things in my short time on this earth. I overcame many obstacles standing on my own two feet with God operating in the midst of it all. September 12, 2020 was to date one of the hardest things I faced. I don’t easily cry because I learned that vultures see tears and try to swoop in. In fact the 2 emotions I’ve ever displayed openly was anger and happiness. Besides when has anyone seen a soldier on the front lines in tears? Never, but this day I couldn’t hide them.

Death of a loved one always shows you who is who in your life. My granny was my heart. She was like a second mother to me. There was nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for her and she knew that. I would go against anybody to defend her. She knew what she meant to me. We would cut up with one another, pick on each other, I’ve cried in her arms like a baby, we have laughed until we cried, I’ve laid in the bed with her and just watch tv. She was my heart and and through it all she rocked with me no matter what I did or what was said about me. She was solid and for those things I held her close to me.So when I received that call at 3:14 am my heart shattered. I will never forget that as long as I live. My life was forever changed in that very moment.

You know it’s amazing how quickly word travels of someone’s death and bad news but it’s never that quickly spread when someone is in need unless they can gain publicity in it and a pat on the back. I quickly learned in that day who were my real friends. Who is really sincere in the words they spoke during our interactions. People say whatever sounds good but it’s in tragedy when your world is crumbling before your very eyes that you see the truth. Needless to say I was shocked as to who reached out and who didn’t.

“I got your back” or “Hey sis” Those phrases are used so much without integrity of its meaning, and used so loosely at that. People I considered a friend or “sister” were the very ones I didn’t hear from. It was those people who along the way I ended up disconnected from that reached out. Amazing right? I buried more than my grandmother this past weekend needless to say. You see my granny taught me something even from the grave. I wanted to be angry but all of that showed me that in this next season of my life those dead relationships needed to be buried. We don’t often see the things (if we are distracted or don’t want to acknowledge) or people that are attached to us whose time has come to an end in our life. We get comfortable because they are familiar and we know them. We must know however, the time and season of our life. Where I am headed they could not go because the weight of them exceeded the weight limit of my next. An even greater lesson was making sure people are placed in their proper places in your life. There are some folks I would love to axe out of my life but God said no. I am still in a position where I am on assignment and although my flesh wants no parts of them I am obedient and wise enough to know they play a role in this next season. Its funny because I remember my granny telling me something similar to this once. What I remember about what she shared is a lesson i have to pull out now… never get mad at what people do, do what your supposed to and get what you were sent for. Give what you are supposed to, never let anyone be the excuse you use as to why you missed out on what God is requiring of you. After all, there is a blessing tied up in this and this too shall pass and be but a memory. Be encouraged.

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