I Lov.. Learned

I don’t remember ever feeling like this. I was watching and pacing myself. Swept away by a current of electricity surged through my body and I couldn’t control it. My thoughts slightly jaded when I’m caught up with you. How did this happen so swiftly and defy all protocols set in place? So many questions without answers. Feelings that are foreign, is this what God meant?

I knew what love was because I felt it before or so I thought. This was different. It came without warning and unexpectedly. I found myself praying for this person even the more. Ready for war against everything I saw that was the cause of his scars. If I could hide him in my love and nurture him the way I felt Abba had done for me I would and I found myself trying to. I craved his presence and valued his thoughts. I could see the better parts of me in him. I saw the priest, warrior, protector, provider, lover , and humble being he was hiding underneath this blob he formulated as his shield. His presence commanded my attention and when he was away he had a tendency to linger. I missed him when he wasn’t near me. Wait…. what is happening?

What is seen as beautiful can be tainted when the essence of what is taking place is mishandled and unseen if your not careful. Abba blesses us but it is up to us to be mindful of how we handle it. Blessings are two fold, it’s never just for you. It benefits who you are connected to. Hence the cup running over spilling over and it’s content land on what ever is attached or touching the cup. Position is important but preparedness to receive is just as equally important.

To whom much is given much is required. With anything we must keep Yah at the forefront and diligently seek him in maintaining in what he gives us. It is so easy to get caught up in the many variables going on around you and being caught up in the moment but this leaves an opening for other things to occur and slip in. We ultimately play a part in the journey to the outcome of how things play out. Some journeys should only take 4 days and not 40 years. I rest in knowing that through this one unchanging fact is that Yah will mend a broken heart and pick you up. Just be sure to pick up the gems and hide them in your heart. Everything is used for the good of those that love him.

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