Regal, Grace, Beauty, & Poise

Just a young woman who received the promise of beauty for my ashes. Her Majesty is birthed out of the trials and struggles of going beyond what meets the eye. Underneath the surface lies many gifts and treasures, all of which I intend to share with you. Welcome!!!

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Be Free

I use to think freedom was solely being able to do the things I wanted to do. Whether good or bad, I felt free to do as I pleased. Well today I realized in totality that real freedom is not necessarily doing what you want to do. Sounds off right? At first it did toContinue reading “Be Free”

The Fact Still Remains

Yesterday morning I laid in my bed and meditated on some scripture I have heard and even read. It was the infamous scripture on what love is and the scripture that tells us to guard our hearts. I kept thinking about my life, my choices, those in my life, what I desired, what I needed,Continue reading “The Fact Still Remains”

It’s Not Really You, It’s Me

The greatest challenge is not the act of admitting when one is wrong , but looking in the mirror and realizing you are responsible for your outcomes in life. It’s easy to shift the blame and say “but they shouldn’t have” or the infamous “they hurt me” line. Ironically being hurt, misused, mishandled, and/ orContinue reading “It’s Not Really You, It’s Me”

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