Her Majesty, Her Radience, Her Rarity

Of all the things you could be in life be you, be free, and be healed!!! This is a space where an ordinary girl grew to be an extraordinary woman. All that I was, am, and becoming is right here to be shared with you. What fun is a journey with no one to share it with?

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The Fact Still Remains

Yesterday morning I laid in my bed and meditated on some scripture I have heard and even read. It was the infamous scripture on what love is and the scripture that tells us to guard our hearts. I kept thinking about my life, my choices, those in my life, what I desired, what I needed, […]


I saw a sight to behold, one of many various beautiful colors. It caught my attention and I stared in amazement. Captivating me and holding my eyes hostage. As we gazed into one anothers eyes I slowly became lost in translation. A pull tugging at every fiber of my being. Intrigued yet afraid of the […]

Truth Is

Today I faced many challenges that I have been running from. I never have got into the hype of that ‘New year, new me’ foolishness. 2020 was not a bad year except I lost a piece of myself and buried it right beside my grandmother. I said that I would be honest because I blog […]

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