Her Majesty, Her Radience, Her Rarity

Of all the things you could be in life be you, be free, and be healed!!! This is a space where an ordinary girl grew to be an extraordinary woman. All that I was, am, and becoming is right here to be shared with you. What fun is a journey with no one to share it with?

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It’s Not Really You, It’s Me

The greatest challenge is not the act of admitting when one is wrong , but looking in the mirror and realizing you are responsible for your outcomes in life. It’s easy to shift the blame and say “but they shouldn’t have” or the infamous “they hurt me” line. Ironically being hurt, misused, mishandled, and/ or […]

The Fact Still Remains

Yesterday morning I laid in my bed and meditated on some scripture I have heard and even read. It was the infamous scripture on what love is and the scripture that tells us to guard our hearts. I kept thinking about my life, my choices, those in my life, what I desired, what I needed, […]


I saw a sight to behold, one of many various beautiful colors. It caught my attention and I stared in amazement. Captivating me and holding my eyes hostage. As we gazed into one anothers eyes I slowly became lost in translation. A pull tugging at every fiber of my being. Intrigued yet afraid of the […]

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